Thurs Apr 5th

U13 Division 6

Leeside a 2 – Lakewood Athletic B 1


Leeside have proved to be a thorn in the side of the Lakewood U13a team this week. On a stormy night in Little Island the teams met for the second time in under a week. Lakewood were missing more players than the initial encounter which they lost 3-1. However, Lakewood were out to avenge that result and were putting 100% effort in. The Lakewood boys dominated the first half with most of the play in Leesides half.The break came after 20 minutes when Ronan Murphy shot into the top corner only for the keeper to get one hand to it and push it wide. From the same attack Tadhg O’Tuathaigh got on the ball and broke through the substantial defence to place it well past the keeper. Half time and Lakewood were up 1 nil.


The team were reminded to keep composure and to close down any player as Leeside would come out attacking. Unfortunately too much time was awarded an opposition attacker and the result was the equaliser. Lakewood battled on into the driving rain and wind with Paul Omoshule making outstanding tackles and Bradley Keane making some great saves. At one point their large striker got through the Lakewood defence and Paul was forced to make a hard tackle that was deemed a penalty. Bradley wasn’t too far away from the ball but 2-1 up to the home team. As much as Lakewood tried they couldn’t get back on level terms and the game ended 2-1 to the home team. A scoreline that flatters the home team somewhat but no one could doubt the drive and ambition from the Lakewood team to get the win.